Town Of Gordonsville

ABC Board Members:

 Larry Bradford

 Michael Harpe
 Karen Young

 Charles Profitt

The Town of Gordonsville Alcoholic Beverage Control Board meets at a minimum one time each quarter. The Board is responsible for issuing beer licenses and overseeing the regulations for the sale of beer in Town limits. 

To provide adequate social distancing, The Town of Gordonsville Beer Board and Council will be meeting Monday night, 5/11/2020 in the Civic Center. A conference line option will be available as well. These meetings will be limited to ten people. Video of the meetings may be available through Smith County Insider via Facebook and/or An audio file of the meetings will be available on our website,, after the meeting.Type your paragraph here.

63 E. main Street, Gordonsville, Tennessee, 38563

p:(615) 683-8282

f: (615) 683-5656 

8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.